Police Retaliate With Arrests After Excessive Force Lawsuit Filed

It all started when David Scherz Jr. pulled into his driveway.  The cops were pulling him over, claiming that he had rolled through a stop sign. His mother had witnessed it, and didn’t think that was what happened. She tried to explain to the cops:

“Ma’am, either wait inside or wait in the backseat of my car. I’m not going to ask you again,” bellowed one of the officers, according to ABC Houston.

“It’s my property,” replied the mother.

“I’m not worried about it!” the officer shrieked in response.  He then attempted to arrest her.

Three other family members who were in the house came outside to tell the cops to stop. 

At one point David Scherz was taken to the ground and repeatedly kicked by Harris County deputy constable Jimmy Drummond.   The altercation can be viewed below.  The kicking which occurred at 2:02 of the video caused Scherz to sustain broken ribs.

One relative, Irma Motez, had her wrist broken by the cops. Their dog was even kicked

“I’m thinking wow, is this America really?” she said.

“He [the deputy] charged me and grabbed me, dragged me and [I] had cuts on me,” said Yvonne Scherz.  “I couldn’t believe this was happening. I kept telling him you have no right to do this, you have no right to do this.”

“It was pretty much chaos as my mom was getting arrested. We were yelling, ‘You can’t do this in our country. This is excessive force,’” said David Scherz, Jr.

“I was compliant without incident, I knew how to act in that situation, and it blew up into something way bigger than it would have been initially,” said Scherz.

Original charges against the family were dropped after this video was viewed, until the family tried to fight back, legally

It was not until August 2013 when Scherz filed a lawsuit against officers for using excessive force.

Suddenly, the now two-year-old case was reactivated by police.  David and Yvonne Scherz have been charged with assault on a public servant and interference with public duties, despite the original charges being dropped.

Not a single officer has been found negligent in 450 shootings over the past 10 years.  David Scherz sustained a broken rib after the onslaught of kicks by Drummond, and was blinded by mace during the attack. 

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