This is Jonathan Ferrell. He was in a car accident at 2:30 in the morning on Saturday. It was pretty bad, he was forced to climb out of the back window of his car to get out. He ran to the nearest home and knocked on the door. The woman who owned the home called the police. The police arrived and saw Jonathan nearby. Jonathan ran to them, unarmed. He was probably so happy to see someone that could help him. The police shot and killed him after they tazed him. 

Jonathan was 24-years-old and a former football player at Florida A&M University. He had just gotten engaged. His friends described him as a loving, peaceful man with a bright future. 

The cop who shot him has now had voluntary manslaughter charges pressed against him. We have to make sure that the cop, Randall Kerrick, does not get away with this. He’s out on bail now. In most cases like this, the cop gets no jail time and no sentence, and in many cases, they’re let back onto the force afterwards. 

Jonathan was a good man with a clean record. He wasn’t known as being aggressive or violent. This should not have happened. 

I made a petition, please sign it if you believe petitions work. I would like to see “Officer” Randall Kerrick held responsible for this murder